Letter of Recommendation for Middle School Student

The main purpose of this letter is assisting students that excel in their classes. They mainly help in recommending students to be accepted in special program, designed to give more and challenging opportunities in education. This kind of programs can be offered to middle school grades as well. When referring to Letter of Recommendation for middle school student as guide, it will help you by making things easier, clearer, and simple.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Middle School Student


Attn: [Bernice K. Davis]

Re: [Cate James]

Dear Mrs. Davis,

I have personally known Cate for 2 years now. I am her teacher at Crescent Middle School. Cate took Spanish and English from me. She attained superior grades in classes. With reference to her grades and participation in class, I take her performance in academic as superior. Cate has great interest in supporting any other person next to her.

In my conclusion, I would strongly recommend Cate James. Her superior performance in my class is an indication of how she would perform while in your position. If you need any other information about her, feel okay to email me or call me.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Samuel,

Teacher, Crescent Middle School

Recommendation letter for student from the teacher

This is a letter written by the teacher referring to the student. When a student is requested to do submission of his recommendation letter, he will need the teacher to write that letter. Quite a number of teachers have no problem in writing recommendation letter for a student, who did well in their classes.

The task of writing this letter is not an easy one. The teacher might be held up with so much of class work. It is important to be patient for you to have a good letter.

Every teacher will be so happy to write a recommendation of his or her student. Just give enough time and you will have it. You will also have to keep it safe for your future reference.

Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

Recommendation letter for student scholarship

This type of letter provides necessary information regarding the character of the student, achievements and qualities. This is basics in getting the scholarship. The writer of the letter must be a person very familiar to the student. The task of writing the job is somehow difficult. The writer has a duty in providing exact information of student.

Therefore, as student you should have a proper person to write the letter for you. A letter badly written can prevent the student a chance of having full scholarship. Additionally, the writer should get as much as possible information from student. A recommendation letter may be obtained from the employer, coworker, mentor, or schoolteacher.

Recommendation Letter for Student Scholarship

Writing tips

While writing the letter, reasons for applying scholarship should be included. The letter should convince the recipient that indeed you deserve the scholarship. That is the vital part of letter. All qualities of the student and his or her passion, achievements, motivation should be clearly mentioned in the letter. Grades and academic performance to date of the student can as well be mentioned if only they sound good. It is important to keep well the letter due to future references.

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