Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School from Supervisor

A letter of recommendation or a reference letter is s document used to asses the characteristics, capabilities and qualities of and individual to execute a certain function. there are three types of reference letters i.e. employment, academic and character recommendation letters. employment related reference letters are written by people who are aware of the capabilities and skills of the applicant. this letters can be written by the former supervisor, colleagues and former employers. character recommendation letters basically come in play when there is a parole hearing, child custody and adoption. academic recommendation letters are used in different types of situations, for examples when someone is applying for an internship, college or to graduate schools. the following is a samples letter of recommendation for a graduate school from a supervisor.

Sample Recommendation Letter


To whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for [full names] as has shown interest in pursuing his bachelor of arts at your university. [first name] has been working as a junior marketing officer at [company name] under my supervision for the last eighteen months. due to his immense knowledge placement of products, our retails target has experienced a growth of 60% in sales since he joined us. he is determined to get everything done without leaving any stone unturned. I am highly confident that [Name] will prove to be one of the best performing students in your school because of his ability to grab and use concepts in real world situations. I am recommending him for this course at your institution because I know he is highly qualified and that you can help him archive his dreams.

if you would like to know more about [full names] please do not hesitate to contact me at.

[telephone number]



senior supervisor

[company’s name]



when writing a recommendation letter, one should not address the recipient with defined titles such as sir, madam and many more. this is because you are not sure of who will receive your letter and can find it offensive. also we should not forget to list some of the previous achievements for the applicant as this will increase their chances of being shortlisted.

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