Letter of Recommendation for First Grade Student

Being a parent comes with responsibilities and duties. Educating your son or daughter is one of the duties that as a parent you are more committed to. However, this may not be an easy ride as a lot of energy, time and resources may be needed to do it. I once heard a parent complaining about writing a recommendation letter for her daughter to join 1st grade. The parent was so annoyed about the essence of writing the letter; he failed to understand that she was assisting her gifted daughter who excelled in class to get accepted into a special program that was designed to offer her more challenging great educational opportunities. So how does a recommendation letter for the first-grade student looks like? here is a sample letter of recommendation for first grade student.


A Sample Letter of Recommendation for First Grade Student

September 27, 2017,

To Whom It May Concern,

Lawrence is a student in my class; he is a polite respectful boy. He is able to grasp new concepts quickly and until now he has mastered all mathematics concepts taught. He can correctly and with ease form all numbers and letters and understand both complex and simple words, symbol relationships and sounds.

Apart from being exceptionally gifted, he is very neat and respectful to both his teachers and peers. He follows rules without any supervision and always guides students to do what is right. I have no doubt that Lawrence is well fitted to the first grade and I, therefore, give my recommendation. Please be feel free to contact me for any queries.


Benedict Cooks

Kindergarten teacher.

Unlike public schools, many private schools may need you to write a recommendation letter to show the child’s abilities, qualities and attributes. The letter enables the admission officer to know if the child is able to cope up with the school rules and regulation during his/her studies.

Letter of Recommendation for a Child for Private School Admission

Letter of Recommendation for a Child for Private School Admission

It recommends a child inclusion in a program, school or club. It shows the child’s ability and strengths that are well suited for the program, school or club he/ she wants to join.

Recommendation Letter for Child School Admission

Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

It is written to allow bright, smart and exceptionally gifted students who have not attained the age of admission to Kindergarten to be admitted. The letter should be short and precise to clearly bring out the child abilities.

Letter For Early Entrance To Kindergarten

Letter For Early Entrance To Kindergarten 1


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