Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student

So many students in elementary level need recommendation letter when applying for schools of upper level, activities, and camps for which an application process is required. A recommendation letter for student is very vital in giving information of how someone excels. Quite often teachers are required to write letters describing their students’ performance in class. Many people fear writing this letter because, their concern they might end saying the wrong thing about the subject. Nevertheless, writing a letter of recommendation is not a difficult task. What is important is to know your subject and in a very true manner recommend a person for position that is in question. You can consult the student for the form he or she would like. Quite a number of programs, more so for elementary students, require those recommending applicants to answer some questions on specific forms. Let the student convey what he would like to be included in the letter. However, with sample Letter of Recommendation for Elementary Student as guide, it will make things clearer, simpler, and easier.


Sample Recommendation Letter for Elementary Student


Mr. [Jonny]

Program CoordinatoR


Ref: Graduates school letter of recommendation

Dear [Mr. Daniel,]

This recommendation letter refers to Ms. Smith Emily. She has been studying at California Community college over the last 2 years. Personally, she has been referring to me as her class teacher. I therefore, strongly recommend Emily for a position in admission in your great university. I have been greatly impressed by her academic and consistent performance.

I sincerely hope you find this recommendation letter useful.

Yours Sincere,

Mr.[ Jonny]

Program Coordinator

A letter of recommendation has a great influence. Whether joining a new school or scholarship. Unlike publicly institutions funded by government, private schools have flexibility and special criteria through which they make decisions. Therefore, a letter of recommendation addressed to private schools, should be personal and individualized.

Sample Recommendation letter for elementary student for private school

[Russ Bill ]


243 South Oct Drive

Oct Hills, LA 90074

Dear Retro,

Thank you so much for taking your time and participating in our graduation ceremony. I have received great and impressive reviews from the teachers, administration, and students. Indeed, you did a very great job. Your presentation was very positive and well received by all the students. They were all absorbed by what you presented.

I look forward in having you in our future graduation. I will recommend you to other departments or public events.

Thank you so much for the outstanding job done for your good school. We all hope to meet you again in future.

Yours Sincere,

[Brian Moses]

Human resource Graylop City Schools

Prospective teacher referring to the student writes this letter. You should begin the letter by addressing the recipient. The teacher is required to give full information about the student including his or her behavior. The conduct about the student matters a lot. It is important to quote how the student performs. If the student performs well, then it will be a positive recommendation. The teacher should be able to include the person who will review the letter. Give the teacher adequate time so that you can have a nice letter. Keep the letter nicely for future reference.

Sample recommendation letter for elementary student going to a new school


Admissions, XYZ School,

1237 Beverly, Lug 5754

Beverly Hills,

Dear Director,

I am writing this letter to recommend James for admission into your good school. I have known James for over 7 years. He is good in his class attendance and performance.

James is hardworking and has good discipline. He has been leading in the class. He is also in charge of school environment. His leadership skills are so amazing. The great career objective he has, am so sure he will make it.

He will be of positive impact in your school. I highly recommend him. Should you need further information concerning him, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincere,

[Daniels David,]

James class teacher

The school selection committee will be up to specific formula as you give your recommendation. Sit down with your student and get all necessary information as far as school is concerned, and the dreams he or she hopes to achieve. This helps your letter to be direct to the point. Make sure you give all strong qualities of the student. Make sure to conclude in your letter with strong points why you highly recommend the student. Always use king and good words to address the recipient.

In your introduction, make sure you have given all information who you are and the relationship with the student. Print your letter on a good clean paper having school logo. Sign your letter then put it inside the envelope.


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