Letter of Recommendation for a Graduate School from a Manager

When an employee decides to apply for a graduate program, they will encounter tough competition. To this end, a strong letter of recommendation for a graduate school from a manager is critical in this case. So, if you are that very manager, relax, exhale, and simply comply with these easy instructions on how to make your employee stand out from the rivalry.

Structure for Recommendation Letter

  • Begin your letter with a brief introduction, which will include the history of your cooperation with the employee. Specify how you have gotten acquainted and how long the employee has been working for you.
  • Enumerate the unique characteristics of your employee, which will enable them to excel in graduate school.
  • Specify what contributions your employee has brought to your organization.
  • End your letter with a strong closing statement leaving no doubts that the employee is a perfect fit for the chosen graduate program.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Graduate School from a Manager

To Whom It May Concern.


I am very happy to know that Ms. Claire is planning to pursue her masters in Digital Marketing and it gives me immense pleasure in writing a letter of recommendation for her. Ms. Claire worked with us for a period of 6 months.

During that time she assisted me and the digital accounts director in handling social media campaigns. She efficiently executed social media and email marketing campaigns for our key clients. Claire also wrote exceptionally engaging content for our website which helped engage our readers better. This also helped us greatly in getting more traffic to our website.

Claire has been an extremely resourceful employee. She was an asset to our digital marketing efforts and was also a remarkable team-player. She is a quick learner and a self-starter. On several occasions, she has proven that she can be trusted with a particular task by ensuring that she does not leave a single stone unturned and she has always exceeded our expectations.

During her first week of work, we saw how quickly and efficiently she completed the tasks given to her and always showed a willingness to accept new and challenging assignments. Seeing this we thought that we could trust her with the tasks of an account manager even though she was a trainee and we knew that she would keep up to our expectations and we were right in making that decision. She didn’t let us down! This proved that this girl will never be afraid to take up challenging tasks and responsibilities in her life, which is what impressed us the most. She has been one of our most efficient employees we have had and it would be nice to have her back once she completes her masters.

I am sure that with her experience in marketing, her creative skills, her determination and her exemplary communication skills, she will prove to be one of your finest students.

I can say with confidence that Claire will be a perfect fit for the Digital Marketing course at your university and I am positive that with her marketing experience and skills, she will bring great value to your university.



XYZ Company

Few points to keep in mind while writing recommendation letter

Explore Your Employee First – Even if you know your employee for years, do not hesitate to ask for their guidance. Why did he opt for this particular program? What qualifications or accomplishments should win the heart of the committee? There is no room for guessing when it comes to a letter of recommendation for a graduate school from a manager.

Highlight Best Traits – It is more than just outlining experience and education. Analyze your interaction with the employee. What makes your employee stand out? How did they overcome obstacles? Provide examples to help the committee gain a better picture of your employee. Explain how these experiences will help them succeed in the graduate school.

Language and Formatting – Avoid fillers’ in your letter. Be precise and specific. Give examples where it is needed. Moreover, try not to be too wordy. Reviewers do not dispose of too much time for reviewing letters of recommendation. Thus, try to squeeze your recommendation into a single page. It is also advisable to provide your company name on the letterhead as well as to add your name, current title, and contact details at the bottom of your letter.

When the letter of recommendation is ready, simply submit it to the committee, inform your employer, and wish them luck!

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