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It is usually the person on the receiving end of a job offer that we think of when we give advice but in reality, the company offering the job need just as much advice as to how to best deal with the situation of offering the job in the first place. You have found your perfect candidate and you want to offer them the job. They seem professional, friendly and you think they will do the job really well. You want to start things off positively and you need to be professional from the start. In the job offer letter it is important to be enthusiastic but remain authoritative so that you give an air that you are definitely in charge. There are certain key pieces of information that you should give the successful candidate and these will be outlined in this short article.


You need to outline why they were chosen and that you recognize their strengths. You must remember that it is an offer, not an acceptance and you must make sure that you don’t put them off from accepting the offer.

There are certain things that you need to include:

Salary – how much are you willing to pay them and how often will they be paid? Are you offering a bonus?

Start Date and Times – is there a probationary period? What are the expected working hours? Are there various options for working times such as flexi-time?

Benefits – Does your company offer any set benefits such as a pension fund or free health care? If so, you need to let them know about this. It might swing their decision.

Relevant Documents – Make sure you attach any relevant documents that might need to be signed. Check with your HR department if you are not sure what needs to be included.

The job offer is one of those core documents that will form part of the candidate’s permanent record. You need to get it right for their sake and your sake.


Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee,

Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee

Job Offer Letter Template for Uk,

Job Offer Letter Template for Uk

Job Offer Letter Template for Word,

Job Offer Letter Template for Word


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