Inventory List Template – 4+ Lists For Word DOC, Excel & PDF

This is a tool to manage and track stock of products, or materials important to your home or business. Inventory list is prepared like a business document. It should have proper heading at the top of the page together with the date when last updated. Copies of the inventory list template must be prepared and saved in different place for safety. It is very important to update the list every year or in six months’ time, depending on your needs. The benefit of this list includes:

  • It is helpful during time of shifting
  • You always remain updated to the list of inventories your possession
  • It can help you in filing claim from an insurance company, in case of any loss of inventory

The main contents on a sample inventory list for existing item will include brand name, item name, and purchase price, year of buying, date, and estimated shelf life of each item. Using inventory list template as a guide can make things clearer, easier, and simpler.

Stock Inventory List for Excel


Blank Inventory List Template for Word

Blank Inventory List Template for Word

Equipment Inventory List

Equipment Inventory List 1

Grocery Inventory List

Grocery Inventory List

Things to consider when creating inventory list

  • View current inventory level: a template will provide easy access to the quantities of many products in stock. This is a very important step in ensuring smooth operation of the company.
  • Manage reordering: proper tracking of the inventory will enable you to identify when to reorder products, and items that are discontinued.
  • Create business statistics: you should view the sales pattern, identify the bestselling product, and get In touch with your top suppliers.

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