Best Introduction Letter Formats You Should Use to Introduce Yourself

There are two types of introduction letters that can be written. One type is used to connect two people. In this type of introduction you would refer the person you know as a potential candidate for employment or career assistance. One of the most commonly written types of introduction is you stating who you are and asking them to refer you to a job opportunity or request assistance with a job search. An introduction letter sample can be a very useful way to network and gain job search advice or even a possible job opportunity.


To begin, you want to address a specific person, if possible. Begin by stating your name and your current position or role. You may include how you got the readers info. State your purpose for contacting the individual. Indicate what you are hoping to accomplish in the letter. Include any other important information about yourself or occupation. Remember to include your contact information. Close by thanking them and end on a positive note.

The most important tip to remember when conducting an introduction letter format is to keep it short and straight to a point. More than likely, the recipient is very busy, you want to grab his or her attention right away. Briefly explain your hopes and goals you wish to accomplish I’m the letter. Do not ramble on, this will only bore your reader. Conclude with a very short description of how they can get in touch with you. Your goal is to grab their attention and make it as easy as possible for them to respond. Also to make them want to respond back to you.

Here is a sample of an introduction letter:

From, [name]


phone number




phone number

Dear Mr. Walden,

My name is Kyle Smith, I am applying for the internship in your well respected institution. I have just completed my Bachelors Degree in business. My final grades have been attached to this letter. Starting my career with such a well known name, will give me the required acceleration to my career. The position will also help me receive a foundation needed for my career. I am hard working and I work well under pressure. You will not regret your decision if you choose to hire me. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this letter. I hope to hear from you soon.


Mr. Kyle Smith


Introduction Letter to Clients,

Introduction Letter to Clients

Letter of Introduction for Employment,

Letter of Introduction for Employment

Letter of Introduction for Yourself,

Letter of Introduction for Yourself


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