Informal meeting agenda (Basic)

Are you nervous to be hosting a meeting soon? Are you unsure just where to begin with the planning? If so, our Informal meeting agenda template is here to help. Even if the meeting that you are hosting isn’t a formal one, it is still important to keep things moving along smoothly, and this template will ensure that is exactly what happens.

This template allows space for listing just who has called the meeting, who the timekeeper and attendees are, the type of meeting, what the attendees should bring to the meeting, and so much more. It allows space for the topics that need to be discussed, who is going to be speaking on them, and the time that will be allotted for each. It even has space for additional instructions at the end.

If you are going to be hosting a meeting, this informal meeting agenda template is just the thing that you need to keep things moving along in a smooth manner.

Informal meeting agenda,


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