House cleaning chore list (Weekly)

Do you sometimes struggle to remember everything that needs to be done to keep your house clean? Do you like do use lists to accomplish tasks? Do you like to work your way through things like lists, checking items off as you accomplish them? If any or all of the above are true for you, this house cleaning chore list template is just the thing for you.


This template includes space at the top for the month, date, and year. It then includes a very organized list of chores that need to be completed, including such things as scrubbing the sinks and emptying out the waste basket. It includes spots for week one through four, so you can use it on a monthly basis.

You can customize this template to divide the chores up among family members, reducing arguments in your home and making sure that every task is accomplished. Free to download, this house cleaning chore list template will keep you and your family on task at all times.

Weekly House cleaning chore list template,

Weekly House cleaning Chore List Template


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