Home maintenance schedule (Basic)

Everyone wants to keep their house up-to-date and in top shape, but sometimes we need a little motivation to do that. When you use this Home maintenance schedule template , you will be able to keep everything in order and keep yourself on task.


This template details both quarterly and seasonal tasks that need to be done to keep your house fresh. Through the use of this template, you will be motivated to keep your house up, and therefore, your home will stay in a like-new condition even as you are using it.

This home maintenance schedule template is completely free to download. It was created in Microsoft Word® and is compatible with the 2007 and new versions. The basic home maintenance schedule that this template provides you with is applicable to all home owners.

If you want to keep your home updated and working like new, this home maintenance template could be just the thing that you need to get all the little jobs done.

Home Maintenance Schedule Template,

Home maintenance schedule template


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