Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

A Halloween gift certificate is more of the traditional gift card but which contains some monetary value. It is an excellent option to send to your loved ones when you confused about the best gift to give. This gives them a chance to choose what is best for them.


Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

41 Halloween Gift Certificate Beast Customize in Word 1063


42 Halloween Gift Certificate Cemetery Printable Gift Voucher 1064


40 Halloween Gift Certificate Black Cat Fillable Gift Voucher 1062


Halloween gift certificate template number 4


Halloween gift certificate template number 5


17 Halloween Gift Certificate


35 Halloween Gift Certificate template


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Why Halloween gift certificate?

It is a flexible gift idea

At times you are not even sure what makes the other person happy. Do not force a smile on their face by buying them things like flowers, handbags, shoes name them. You might not meet the need of the person. Halloween certificate allows the receiver to buy what they love most from the specified stores.

Shows your effort to think about your loved ones

Halloween gift certificates have the name of the recipient written on it. It makes an individual know that you were thinking about them as you were ordering for the gift. It makes the whole thing personal. Imagine seeing your photo on the card; you will feel lovely.

It saves you time

Did you know that you can think the whole day of a gift to give to your loved ones and end up without an answer but a headache? You can save that time by going for a Halloween gift certificate and let the person choose on their own.

What makes a good Halloween gift certificate?

You cannot say that a gift certificate is effective in accomplishing its purpose if it does not include the following:

The monetary value

You must have some monetary value linked to the card you are giving indicated on it. This is what will help the receiver in choosing what to take home as your gift once in the store. Don’t hide the value.

The expiry date for redemption

You should as well indicate the expiry date of redemption if the store limits the collection time. This will help your receiver to collect his or her gift in time.


Let the certificate come with a code, especially when it is a printable design. It is this code that will help your receiver to redeem it. Otherwise, someone else will use a fake code to redeem it hence denying your receiver a chance to get her gift value.

Your contacts

This is as well an essential factor to remember. Anything can happen that would mean that you should be contacted mostly by the store where the receiver is to redeem the gift. It will as well be essential for processing refund if the gift is not redeemed.

Are Halloween certificate templates editable?

The Halloween certificates come in template forms in word documents which can be edited. You can change the image, the font size, color, and another editable aspect for word documents. This helps you to customize it to fit your need.


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