Gift shopping list

Included here is a simple and easy to use shopping list template that will save you time in listing the gifts that you are purchasing for friends and family. The list includes specific details, store name, item features, prices, and more. Stop writing down your list on bits of paper that are littered through your pockets, this shopping list is specifically designed to make your shopping tasks more efficient and manageable.


Take a look at this shopping list template and all the features. The template is very easy to customize with your specific information. For example, there are specific fields to add the gift recipient’s name, the gift idea, the store name, the item color, item price, notes about purchasing, notes on wrapping, and notes on shopping. This full featured template is designed for any type of shopping list.

Use Microsoft Word® Versions 2007 to 2013 to prepare your shopping list. This shopping list template is easy to edit by anyone with basic computer skills. The list is very compact, and all the information is loaded on one page. Simply download your free, fully customizable template to your computer. Fill out or edit the included fields. Print your shopping list.

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