Minutes of Meeting Formal Template

Minutes of Meeting – Meetings are an important part of any successful meeting. There are meetings with employees, customers, legal and financial advisers and depending on the type of business, meetings with suppliers, distributors and the list continues.

If the results of the meetings are not recorded in some fashion, there can be major confusion. Some people may come up with a different recollection as to what was previously discussed and agreed upon.

The Formal Minutes of Meeting Template is available from the provided here at no charge. It can be a tremendous tool in helping to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

The minutes of meeting format is easy enough to follow and serves as a guide for many activities. These include recalling who was in attendance, the outcome of the discussion of existing issue, and the introduction of the new business.


Minutes of Meeting Template,

Formal Minutes of Meeting Template

Now, minutes of a meeting are of little use, unless they are read and understood. Therefore, to get the best use from this template, the following steps may prove to be helpful.

  1. Send a memo, either interoffice, by e-mail or regular mail, depending on the circumstances announcing or reminding that a meeting will be held on a particular date. Then list the items of business that are to be discussed.
  2. If there are any materials that the participants need to review prior to the meeting, make sure they get that a few days before the meeting if possible. If the meeting is being called for an emergency reason, include as much information as possible in the notice sent to announce the meeting.
  3. Actually review the minutes at the meeting. Too many meetings ask for a motion to approve the minutes and often no one has read them or someone has a question but does not bother to ask. It should be part of the chairman’s duties to make certain that everyone understands what has taken place thus far.
  4. Keep the discussion on the topic. If a question is raised that requires the expertise of a lawyer, engineer, accountant, contractor or other professional is needed, get agreement on what questions should be asked and decided if the chairman is going to secure the answers or if someone is to be invited to the next meeting to discuss those details.

Finally, no meeting is unimportant. Minutes do not have to be long. They just need to reflect accurately what was agreed upon, issues that need resolving and the next step that should be taken.

Minutes should be sent to participants as soon as possible. T secretary or person assigned to maintain the minutes should make sure that the minutes are saved as computer files and paper copies are maintained in two places. This is to ensure that it would be very unlikely every copy of the minutes would be misplaced or destroyed.

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