Food Shopping List Template – 15+ Grocery Lists for Word, Excel, PDF

Picture the situation: you go to the store to buy everything you need to pull off the perfect party with all your friends. In your mind you have a good idea of everything you need so you just roll with it. Then the day of the party comes and you realize you forgot something important. The night goes on and it is apparent that you didn’t quite know everything you would need, the party turns to a bust. No one wants this to happen to them and this can be fixed with something very simple, a food shopping list. This can be even simpler, clearer and easier if you use a food shopping list template to aid you in making this list.


Here are some healthy grocery shopping lists to help you.

Healthy Food Shopping List

Healthy Food Shopping List

If you want to eat healthier foods, then having a shopping list for healthy foods will help you. Often times we have the goal to eat healthy, but we go to the store and that seems to go out the door because we don’t know what to get. This is where a template for healthy shopping comes in handy. Just having the list with you will encourage you to buy healthier foods.

Healthy Grocery Shopping List Template

Healthy Grocery Shopping List Template 1

3 Day Emergency Food Supply List

3 Day Emergency Food Supply List 1

Essential Grocery List for Healthy Eating

Essential Grocery List for Healthy Eating 1

Dorm Room Food Shopping List

Dorm Room Food Shopping List 1

College Survival Shopping List

College Survival Shopping List 1

College Essentials Shopping List

College Essentials Shopping List 1

Diabetic Grocery Shopping List

Diabetic Grocery Shopping List 1

Holiday food baskets are a popular gift to give out during the holiday seasons. The gifts can include a variety of different ingredients so sometimes it is hard to choose what to get. Having a shopping list for your holiday food baskets will give you a good idea on how you make your gift even better. You may also like to see gift shopping list.

Holiday Food Shopping List

Holiday Food Shopping List 1

Other life situations may also benefit from the use of shopping lists. One example could be a list for pregnancy. Lists will help keep you prepared for anything that comes your way. Being pregnant, you have a responsibility for your child, so you must eat right for the proper development. Creating a shopping list will help you choose the best foods for you and your baby.

Pregnancy Grocery List

Pregnancy Grocery List 1

Pregnancy Food List to Avoid

Pregnancy Food List to Avoid 1

Pregnancy Shopping List

Pregnancy Shopping List 1

Healing Food List

Healing Food List 1

Raw Shopping List

Raw Shopping List 1

FoodBank Shopping List

FoodBank Shopping List 1


Things to keep in mind while shopping for food:

  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach: Shopping while you are hungry is a surefire way to spend more money than you planned, and to buy foods that you hadn’t planned on your lists. Make sure your hunger is in check before leaving to the store.
  • You don’t have to stick 100% to your shopping list: Oftentimes when you go to the store you may find that something you planned to purchase is much more expensive than anticipated, or it may even be out of stock. That is okay. You may need to improvise from your list, just don’t go too far from it.
  • Look for the best produce: Make sure to evaluate what you are about to buy. Make sure that the produce you are purchasing isn’t bruised. This can also go with other products and their expiration date. Sometimes items may get forgotten on the shelves and inadvertently sold. Just keep an eye out.
  • Look for the deals: Using coupons or looking for the deals is one of the best ways to shop if you are on a budget. If you are looking for quality and know exactly what you want, then maybe this tip isn’t as much for you. But everyone can benefit from using a coupon.



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