Field Report Memo Template

If you need to create a report of an inspection or procedures, a field report memo is the way to go. With the help of this memo template, anyone can create a memo that is professional in appearance and easy to understand.

Using this template, you will get a feel for the right memo format; so that you can go on to create more memos all on your own. The template also makes it easy for you to create a memo that includes all of the relevant information.

Field Report Memo,

Field Report Memo Template (table format)

Tips for using a field report memo template:

  • When creating a report memo, always include the purpose of the memo, so that the reader knows what is going on.
  • List the problem in the space that is provided, and include the recommendations to fix that problem at the bottom of the page.
  • Always date your field report memo.
  • Create multiple copies of the memo, so that everyone involved can have one for record keeping purposes.

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