Fiction Novel Outline Template – 4+ Sample, Format, Example

It’s dawn. Eyes cracked with exhaustion; you incline your head to the clock and realize how long you’ve gone sitting and mulling over your unfinished outline for your to-be-a-hit fiction novel. How dreadful, if only a more ORGANIZED solution to writing this pesky outline would fall from the sky― perhaps a fiction novel outline template?


It’s not the big surprise: the novel industry booms with every passing day, and more and more writers aspiring for the next big hit jump into the savagery of the race every day. How does one such as yourself stay ahead of the pack? With the best strategy in the book: a novel outline!

A fiction novel outline template is an asset every writer should use to better their writing, their novel; and most IMPORTANTLY― know what they’re doing at all times during the writing process! But an outline seems like such a scary thing at times, with all the character development planning, the rough drafting, and the AGGRESSIVE plot-line flow!

But now, writing an outline for your novel couldn’t be easier, for we’re gonna lend you a hand! Here are some clean-cut chapter-by-chapter worksheet templates to use for your fiction outline so that you can kick-start your novels’ plan to victory! You may also like to see chapter outline template for your novel.

Here are some fiction novel outlines to help you.

Fiction Novel Outline Template Word Doc

Fiction Novel Outline Template

Fiction Novel Outline Sample

Fiction Novel Outline

Fiction Story Outline Template

Fiction Story Outline Template

Blank Fiction Story Outline PDF Format

Fiction Book Outline Template for PDF


Now, stick around! How would one know what to do when filling out that template? What to write first? Well, listen here for some tips to successfully begin writing down an effective, sensible novel outline!

  • Don’t, under any circumstance, RUSH! – This should go without saying! A fiction novel is a whole different world outside of our own! It requires an immense amount of time, work, and dedication, and even in the outline; you’d be surprised to find how easily one rushed paragraph can ruin the whole thing! After all, the outline is the backbone of your entire story! Take a break and come back, but don’t put the fate of your story in danger by rushing!
  • Think as you write― but don’t write as you think! – Sound complicated? Let me break it down for you! When a writer is writing their story outline, but they put the words down with every compulsive THOUGHT; it NEVER ends up organized! The things you put on your outline are the things that end up on your novel― but no outline will be successful without editorial THOUGHT. Be sure to not write based on your IMMEDIATE thoughts, and then get up and call it a day! Think as you write, formulate bare ideas before you begin writing and THEN BEGIN writing them down, thinking in the flow with them; besides writing plans as the thoughts run like water and ending up with a big mess!
  • Remember the value of characters! – A lot of times, when writers write their fiction outlines; they often neglect the importance of the characters in their story, and rather train a lot of their mind on JUST the plot. While the plot is VERY MUCH essential to a focus of your outline― so are your characters! Never forget that they should have a SIGNIFICANT place in the planning of your novel, including their development, their interactions; and how they flow with the story! Give them some love!


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