Event To Do List Template – 40+ Checklists in Word, Excel & PDF

Your next big event is approaching soon, and you don’t even know where to start to plan it. Depending on the event, you will need to put in a whole lot of time and energy to make sure everything goes smoothly. Starting the planning process from scratch is tough, that is why using an Event To Do List template as a guide will make everything much simpler, smoother, and easier on you.


Here are some event planning worksheets and templates to help you.

Event Budget Planning Template

Event’s will also have a budget that you have to keep, by using an Event Budget Planning Template the process of planning for the budget is a lot simpler. This template will ease some of the frustrations of trying to create the perfect event while staying in the budget that you have.

Event Budget Planning Template 1

If you are putting on a School Event, then there are also less generic lists to help you. A School Event To-do List will provide you with information on what exactly goes into your school event. Using a to-do list will allow you to complete all the planning aspects and you won’t forget anything important.

School Event To-do List

School Event To do List 1

Event Planning Checklist for Student Organization

Event Planning Checklist for Student Organization 1

College Event Planning Checklist

College Event Planning Checklist 1

Event Planning Timeline & Checklist

Event Planning Timeline & Checklist 1

An event planning checklist is an outline that shows you step by step how to plan your next event. This is for generic events and can help with any event. Planning is one of the hardest steps, by using a template you will be able to get this done faster and with a lot less energy spent on planning the event.

Event Planning Checklist Template

Event Planning Checklist Template 1

Event Planning Checklist in Word

Event Planning Checklist in Word

Event Planning Checklist (Word Doc)

Event Planning Checklist (Word Doc)

Event Planning Checklist in PDF Format

Event Planning Checklist in PDF Format 1

Blank Event Planning Checklist

Blank Event Planning Checklist 1

6-12 Months Pre-Event Planning Checklist

6 12 Months Pre Event Planning Checklist 1

Pre-Planning Event Checklist

Pre Planning Event Checklist 1

Pre Event Planning Checklist

Pre Event Planning Checklist

A common forgotten aspect of events is what takes place after. With a Post Event Checklist Worksheet, you will be able to see exactly what needs to happen after your event. Many people don’t plan out this far and that leaves them trying to run around and get the post event things taken care of.

Post Event Checklist

Post Event Checklist

Event Management Checklist

Event Management Checklist 1

Catering Event Planning Checklist

Catering Event Planning Checklist

Catering Event Checklist in PDF

Catering Event Checklist in PDF 1

Fundraising Event Planning Worksheet

Fundraising Event Planning Worksheet 1

Fundraising Event Planning Checklist

Fundraising Event Planning Checklist 1

Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Corporate Event Planning Checklist 1

 Planning Worksheet

Event–Planning Worksheet 1

Event Planning Guide and Worksheet

Event Planning Guide and Worksheet 1

Event Planning Checklist and Action Sheet

Event Planning Checklist and Action Sheet

Event To Do List

Event To Do List 1

Special Event Planning Checklist

Special Event Planning Checklist

Church Event Planning Checklist

Church Event Planning Checklist 1

General Event Planning Checklist

General Event Planning Checklist 1

Sports Club Event Planning Checklist

Sports Club Event Planning Checklist 1

Another less generic event is a wedding. A lot of planning goes into weddings and the stress is high to make this night one to remember for the bride and groom. A wedding To Do List will give you an idea on what exactly your wedding event needs and how you can make it perfect. You may also like to see wedding guest list or wedding day checklist for bride.

12 Month Planning Wedding Checklist

12 Month Planning Wedding Checklist

Wedding Event Checklist

Wedding Event Checklist 1

Wedding Venue Checklist

Wedding Venue Checklist 1

Wedding Day Checklist for Bride

Wedding Day Checklist for Bride 1

Wedding Checklist for Bridesmaid

Wedding Checklist for Bridesmaid

Wedding Day Photography Checklist

Wedding Day Photography Checklist 1

Venue Inspection Checklist Template

Venue Inspection Checklist Template 1

Venue Requirement Checklist

Venue Requirement Checklist 1

Wedding Day Emergency Checklist

Wedding Day Emergency Checklist 1

Healthcare Event Planning Checklist

Healthcare Event Planning Checklist

In your next big project, it would be a good idea to have an event supervisor. By providing an Event Supervisor To-do List, you have a step by step list of what exactly the supervisor needs to do. By having this list, you ensure that your event will be a huge hit and that everything will go smoothly and as planned.

Event Supervisor To-do List

Event Supervisor To do List 1

Event Safety Checklist

Event Safety Checklist


Things to keep in mind while dealing with event to do lists:

  • Remember the purpose of your event – While using a list will make things much easier, it is important that you do not forget the purpose of your event. If you always have this in mind when using to do lists, you will have the best event. You may even have to alter some of the list to complete the purpose you are looking for.
  • Execution is key – While planning your event is the bases for a successful event, you also need to execute the plans. Have your to do lists handy, but don’t forget that you need to execute how you planned.
  • Variation is good… sometimes – Often times you will have an event, and realize that nothing is going as planned. Just remember that it doesn’t have to go exactly how the to do list explained it. If people are having a good time and your purpose of the event is being accomplished, then accept the variation and improve upon it.
  • Review your event – If you run a lot of events, it is important that you review how your event goes to make improvements on your next event. Write down what went well, and what went wrong. Add these to you to do lists for when you use them next.



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