Event Program Outline – 13+ Printable Samples, Examples, Formats

For every event to run smoothly, it takes a skilled outline to be drawn and strictly followed. The perfect event program outline template helps in saving time. This ensures that all areas are reached out to and none of them is left out in the cold. However, there is a protocol to be followed when outlining one.

This is not just a way of passing time, there is so much to it than one can imagine. Whether it’s an official event or something informal, a program outline works any day. A relevant and significant outline will show every activity of the day that is to be completed and looked into. This will ensure that every one of them is allocated ample time and attention without missing the main point. For instance, when having an event where dignitaries are expected to attend, an event program outline is paramount.

How to write an event program outline

You can do it on your computer by opening a word processing application to help with the format to be used. As you opt for this one, you are at an advantage of having your document saved. You can then draft the programs on your event on a piece of paper using the designs offered on your application. Write each program as a subheading and indicate what is to happen during each program. List them using Roman numerals as they will help it look organized.

Here are some event program outline templates and formats to help you.

Event Program Outline Template

Event Outline Template PDF

Event Program Planning Outline

Event Planning Outline PDF Format

Event Plan Outline

Event Plan Outline Template

Sample Event Program Outline PDF

Sample Event Outline PDF

Event Planning Template Word Doc

Event Planning Template Word Doc

Event Program Management (Template Plus Guide)

Event Management Plan Template (Plus Guide)

Wedding Ceremony Program Outline PDF Format

Wedding Ceremony Program Outline in PDF

Sample Non Religious Wedding Ceremony Outline

Non Religious Wedding Ceremony Outline

Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Outline

Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Template

Prayer Breakfast Program Outline

Prayer Breakfast Program Outline Template

Christmas Party Program Outline

Program Outline for Christmas Party

Blank Event Program Outline

Event Program Outline & Guide


Tips for writing an event program outline

  • Be precise. Don’t beat about the bush, just get straight to the point.
  • Describe the event in clear and concise language. Don’t leave the recipients hanging, answer each question that they may have.
  • Do your research online. This helps especially if it’s your first time to write an event program outline.


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