Event Planning Checklist Template

If you are thinking about planning an event, it’s a good idea to use a checklist. Event planning can be stressful, and time consuming if you are not well organized and sure of what you are doing. You won’t want to overlook details, or confuse important aspects of your event. Event planning checklist helps act as a guide for what you need to do. As you complete each task on the list you mark it has done and move on to the next.

Allow yourself at least 6 months to plan your event. Here are some things to include on an event planning checklist. Use this list as it is or add on!

Determine the Goal of Your Event :

Most events that are held have a goal, or a purpose. Few are meant for celebration alone. The first thing to do when planning your event is to really think about that goal. What do you hope to accomplish by hosting this event? When you have a clear, definite purpose move on to the next thing on the list.

Decide How Much You Can Invest into The Event :

Before you can really start planning and making things happen you will need to know how much money your have to work with. Decide your budget and play around with the numbers. How much will you be able to put towards food, etc., while still having enough left over for everything else? You need to determine how much will go towards what before you can reserve a location, decide how many guests you can afford to host, etc.

Who Will Help You?

If you are planning the event on your own you may want to keep it small to avoid getting in over your head. It helps to be able designate certain jobs to certain people who are also involved in the event you are holding. Hand out responsibilities such as food, decorating, entertainment, beverages, invitations, etc. Each person helping should have their own individualized checklist to follow regarding their individual duties.

Who Will Attend?

The next thing to do when planning an event is to decide who will be invited to it. This is something that should be done even before a location is established. Create a draft guest list. It can be modified at anytime.

Decide a Location :

Once you have a rough estimate of how many people will be attending you can safely choose a location that will accommodate the size of the crowd you’ll be hosting. Revise your guest list if need be, according to much seating will be available. You may find that you can actually get away with inviting more people than you originally thought you could, or that you’ll need to cut a few off the list.

Send Invitations :

Once the location of the event is established, and the guest list has been finalized, go ahead and send out invitations. Be sure to include the date and time of the event, as well as the address and directions.

Follow Up with Your Helpers :

Keep in touch with those who are helping you regarding the different details of the event. Once every helper has completed their designated duty your event is done being planned!


Event Planning Checklist Template for Excel® :

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