Employment Verification Letter – 4+ Printable Formats & Samples

Many vital documents circulate the business world. A common one is the Employment Verification Letter. This form is essentially formal proof that an employee has established a work history. Normally it is written by one’s employer when required for various situations. Such circumstances could involve inquiries concerning income reliability by a landlord; potentially new employers, curious of an individual’s work ethic; or work visas for international interns, temporary foreign work, and immigrants.


The Employment Verification Letter is typically one page. It briefly but descriptively lists the employee’s historical work duties. Additionally, the paper is typically written as an endorsement, and will therefore verify the employee’s employment in a positive, inspiring tone. Because writing these papers is ordinarily a favor towards a successful employee, sharing personal endorsements of the individual’s work quality observed from one-on-one interaction is the norm.

Researching the context of an Employment Verification Letter request is the first step to creating this document. You must gather the information essential to capturing the full potential of the form. Purpose comes first–why is it being requested–followed by the recipient and where to address the letter. Be sure to note the date the solicited information is needed by, and time your mailing accordingly.

First impression is important when it comes to the reading of such a critical document. For this reason, it is highly recommended that official company letterhead be used for such communication. When writing, be sure to use specific language. Mention particularly positive experiences with the employee in special detail. Finally, an oft-overlooked detail: include–of course–the date, but also inside addresses for both you and the recipient. These will include your name, title, company, and address.

A special side note: if you are unsure of the specific receiver’s name, avoid using the phrase, “to whom it may concern.” Instead, use phrases such as “Hiring Team,” “Employee Processing,” or–more likely–“Human Resources.”

With these principles as a guide, the process involved in writing an Employment Verification Letter should proceed smoothly. As noted earlier, these papers don’t need to exceed one page in length.


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Confirmation of Employment Letter for Bank

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Employment Verification Letter for Visa

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Employment Verification Letter for Word

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