Employee Handbook Template

Does creating an Employee Handbook seem daunting? Stop stressing and try our Employee Handbook Templates. Why take a chance of missing important information being passed on to a new employee? Having an Employee Handbook template that includes all company information at your fingertips saves time, money, headaches, and possible legalities.


The purpose of an Employee Handbook is to orient new employees, and as a reference and guideline for current employees.

It is a resource that provides answers to frequently asked questions, the nature of the company, company policies, human resource information, and much more.

To avoid the daunting task of putting together a complete Employee Handbook, use the help of an Employee Handbook Template. A template will provide you with the backbone of a handbook such as an employment at-will disclaimer, a statement regarding equal opportunity employment, a policy prohibiting unlawful discrimination and harassment, a policy describing use of company property and privacy rules, employment classification and overtime rules, Family and Medical leave information, disciplinary guidelines, and a safety section.

An Employee Handbook Template will guide you on the required pages and customize your business needs. An Employee Handbook Template will allow for changes as your business grows and evolves. An Employee Handbook Template separates employer obligations and employee rights. An Employee Handbook Template will largely cut time, and therefore save you money.

An Employee Handbook Template will organize the process, offer customized templates, is easy to complete, and has all of the hard work done for you. Simply plug in your customized information and you will end up with a legal, easy to ready, informative handbook that keeps everyone on the same page.

Here you will find a nice Employee Handbook Sample to help you with your business, clarify the process, and leave you with organized, easy to access important information.


Sample Employee Handbook Template:


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