Donation Receipt Template (1.1)

When an individual or business makes a donation to a charitable organization, it is important to give them a receipt for them to use as a document of what took place. With the use of this donation receipt template, anyone can easily create a receipt that is professional and easy to understand.


This donation receipt template is completely free, and it can be customized in any way you like. The template is also one page printer friendly, saving your paper.

Donation receipt template ,

A professional format of donation receipt template

Tips for using a donation receipt template:

  • Always include the name of your organization in the field provided at the top of the receipt.
  • Include the total pledge amount in the space that is available, so that the giver remembers just how much they gave, and so that that information is well documented.
  • Include the contact information for the organization.
  • Include the type of donation and a description in the spaces provided.
  • Give out a receipt every time someone donates to your organization.

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