Directive Memo Template

 If you want to get the word out about tasks that need to be done, one way to do that is to use a directive memo. You might be wondering, though, how you can create a memo. With the help of this directive memo template, anyone can create a directive memo that is professional in appearance and easy to understand.

Using this memo template, you can assign tasks to someone through the help of a memo. There is space provided for you to list the jobs that need to be done, so that the recipient understands just what is going on.

Directive Memo Format,


Tips for using a directive memo template:

  • Always be clear in what you are asking for in regard to the tasks that are listed.
  • Always include the date in the space provided to keep things organized and professional.
  • Use directive memos whenever you want a task risk to be clear and written down.
  • Include a completion date for each task that you list, so that they will be finished in the timing that you desire.
  • Always be professional and courteous when you are giving out a directive memo. Respect the recipient.

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