6+ Contractor Appointment Letters

A contractor appointment letter is a letter of agreement between a contractor and a business. The contractor appointment letter states that the contractor will perform the work assigned by the business and outlines the agreement between the contractor and the business.


A good template will allow both parties to clarify the nature of their agreement and any unclear language or ambiguous terms would make this template harder to understand and follow. Thus, it should allow both parties to the contract to outline the nature of the contract in easy to understand terms.

Subcontractor Appointment Letter

This is a simple letter of agreement by which a contractor hires a subcontractor to perform certain works. This includes the following points and much more:

The subcontract works: This defines the nature of the job the subcontractor will perform, for example plumbing installation. This may include specifications and drawings.

Price: this is where the contractor and subcontractor indicate an agreement on what will be paid for the subcontractor’s services.

Start date and duration: This is where the subcontractor agrees on a start date and a deadline for the work. It is important that a subcontractor performs work in a timely manner so that other aspects of the project can be completed.

Regulations: This section defines the rules and may include government regulations, hazardous material and safety rules, as well as contractor work policies.

Subcontractor Appointment Letter 1

A simple document that allows a business to hire a building contractor. This most often refers to the appointment of specialist contractors. In the case of hiring a contractor the words tender or contracting are often used.

Appointments may be made by the process of:

Recommendation: one consultant may recommend others, as in terms of a collaborative relationship.

Research: A firm may research more than one contractor.

Open Competition: Contractors may bid on a project. Open bidding means that any consultant may bid.

Selective competition: This means that a selected group of contractors are asked to bid.

Existing Relationship: A firm may already have a relationship with a contracting company.

A specialty contractor can be given the specifications and terms of the contract as well as any attached regulations.

Appointment Letter for Building Contractor

Appointment Letter for Building Contractor

A document that allows a business to hire a Consultant. This most often refers to the appointment of architect or engineers. Appointments may be made by the process of:

The form may include terms of the contract and design instructions.

Prices are agreed on during the bidding process.

Contractor Appointment form: This refers to the hiring of a building contractor, or general contractor.

The form may include all of the above and: A clause that allows for the hiring of subcontractors. A safety clause.

Sample Contractor Appointment Letter

Sample Contractor Appointment Letter

Allows contractors and subcontractors to hire general laborers.

Each laborer will be given assigned tasks and informed of safety practices and pay rates.

Letter of Appointment for Building Contractor

Letter of Appointment for Building Contractor 1

Appointment Letter for Project Supervisor

Appointment Letter for Project Supervisor


Things to keep in mind while writing a reschedule contractor appointment letter:

  • An overview of why you are writing. Explain the reason for rescheduling in honest terms without assigning blame. A brief explanation of the reason for rescheduling makes it easier to understand.
  • Express a desire to meet at another time. Make sure the recipient knows that you really are motivated to talk to them, not just putting them off.
  • Apologize for the inconvenience. Remember that the other party has a busy schedule also and let them know you understand.
  • Offer an incentive as a sign of good will.



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