Contact list template (Basic Design)

Keeping track of your contacts is never easy. Whether you have thousands of business acquaintances or just a dozen family members, no one wants to have to struggle to find this information in a hurry. Working with a contact list template can help you to get more organized and easily share the information when needed.


This contact list template is designed in Microsoft Excel®, so it is easy to modify. If you see a field that you don’t need, it is simple to delete. You can also add rows or columns so that you can easily input information. Another great benefit of working with the template in Microsoft Excel® is that it is easy to print. Many times, the spreadsheet will fit on to a single page.

Most contact list templates cost money to use. This cleaver design, however, is free to download. This time-saving template will help you organize your contacts at no cost to you.

Contact list template,

Contact list template (Basic)


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