Consultant Invoice Template (Light Design)

There are many templates available that will allow you to create beautiful invoices for your customers. Unfortunately, many of these templates are designed to provide invoices for products purchased and often omit the services rendered sections needed by consultants.


However, using this Consultant Invoice Template, you can provide your customers with an accurate account of all your billable time with a detailed description of exactly what you did and present it to your customers in a professional design that looks great and is easy to read and follow.

Benefits of the Consultant Invoice Template

1. Compatibility

This invoice format is designed to be used in virtually any version of Office so no matter what version you use in your consulting business, you can rest assured that our template will be completely compatible.

2. Beautifully and Professionally Designed

We have taken great care in designed a invoice template that looks great on screen or when printed while maintaining the professional look expected in business.

3. Easily Customizable

While we have taken a lot of time to customize this template to suit the needs of consultants, it is virtually impossible to cover every individual’s needs. That is why we created this template to be easily modified to fit the needs of both you and your customers.


Consultant Invoice Template,


Using this Consultant Invoice Template, you can easily create professional invoices that allow you to track the time you spent on a project with detailed descriptions about what you did during that time on the project. This will allow you to create invoices that are both informative and clear so your customers know what they are paying for. Need to charge taxes? No problem. We have already created a field to help you figure taxes for your customers that is separate from the other lines so your customer knows exactly what they are paying and why.

It is important in any consulting business to create professional invoices for your customers. This not only makes it much easier to track your income, but also provides your customers with a clear description of what they are paying for and why. This will help improve your reputation with businesses so you can continue to provide great services to them on an ongoing basis and even help you grow your consulting business and others learn of your professionalism and great work across all aspects of your business.


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