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A company memo is vital to the company and keeps things organized. Generally, a company memo is an informal record concerning important announcement, meeting procedures, company activities, employee activities, and more. This information is in a friendly tone and shared with others in the company. Streamline creating a company memo by using the company memo template that is provided here. This company memo template is easy to use and works with any type of meeting or follow-up.


Take a look at the template. It is a professionally designed template with all the basic features and more. For example, at the top of the template is a field to enter the title of the memo and the date. These are vital fields that help to define the purpose of the memo. Other features on the template includes fields to enter who the memo is directed to, who the memo is from, A CC field, and a Re field. Below those fields is a section to enter the message. At the end of the message field, is a section to add the company name, telephone, fax, physical address, website, and email address.

This professionally designed company memo template was created with Microsoft Word®. The template is compatible with Microsoft Word® 2007 and 2013. Click and edit individual fields to fully customize. It is easy to fully customize the company memo template by adding a company logo, color scheme, or other identifying information.


Company memo (Basic),

Company memo Template


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