Community meeting agenda (For Email)

Do you have a community meeting coming up? Would you like to create an agenda that you can email out to the attendees before the meeting takes place? If so, this community meeting agenda template for email is just the thing that you need.

5 Tips for using community meeting agenda:

  1. Be sure to fully fill out the agenda – including listing all the topics that are to be discussed in their proper places.
  2. When emailing the agenda, be sure to send it to everyone who will be at the meeting. You don’t want to leave anyone out.
  3. Be careful as you plan the meeting to make sure you allow just the right amount of time for each discussion, and that you figure that amount of time into the overall meeting time.
  4. Remember to list all of the “old business” as well as all of the “new business” so that nothing gets left out.
  5. Finally, be sure that everything included in the agenda is correct, and that you have listed everything just the way that you had planned to do it.

You can lead a smooth meeting with this community meeting agenda template for email.


Community meeting agenda template in Email-message,

Basic community meeting agenda template (For Email)

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