Club membership list

Many people belong to one or more groups, clubs, or organization of people connected by a common theme. These groups range from the social clubs to service groups dedicated to helping the needy.


Many people belong to multiple groups. At some point, nearly everyone in the group is going to be selected as an officer. That person will ultimately have the responsibility for keeping the club membership or roster up to date.

The “Club Membership List Template” can serve many purposes and is extremely easy to use. Built upon the Microsoft Excel® platform, this template allows all the necessary information about a club member to be entered and then sorted as needed.

This template contains a number of fields, which can be used to help keep an up-to-date membership list that can be easily transferred to the next person who assumes those duties.

Available fields in the “Club Membership List” include: Member Name, Volunteer Interests, Phone, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Email address, Fax Number and a field for notes.

This field can list items such as special skills or interests a member might have that would benefit group.

In the member name category, if the entry is made the “last name, first name” format, the list can be sorted alphabetically or if grouping by zip code is more advantageous, you can, then on that column.

The template cannot organize and run any group, but it can be a very useful tool for the person responsible for communications with the other club members.


Printable club membership list template,



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