Cleaning Service Invoice Template

If you offer cleaning services, you know that invoices are important – you want your clients to know just what you have done for them, and how much they owe you for what you have done. This cleaning service invoice template allows you to create an invoice that is professional in appearance, but doesn’t take you a whole lot of time to complete. This cleaning service template includes space for the date and invoice number, as well as a description of the work that was done or supplies that were used.


This cleaning service template makes it easy for you to bill your clients or customers. The invoice was created for businesses of all types, as well as anyone else who is looking for an easy way to maintain their customers’ billing records.

Cleaning Service Invoice Template (Table Format),



This cleaning service invoice template is designed in a table format, and it was created in Microsoft Word. You can quickly and easily customize the invoice according to your services that were rendered, and then mail it off to your customer.


Special Instructions:

Do not send your cleaning service invoice in Microsoft® Word formatting, rather, either print it or change the file to a PDF file. If you decide to print hard copies, print two copies and send them to the customer, so that they can keep one and mail the other back with their check. Also, to make things easier for your customer, consider sending an envelope along that is pre-printed with your address.


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