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For most people being cool and confident doesn‘t come naturally. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it can be difficult to project the smooth image you want the world to always see. Even supermodels and movie stars don’t always feel as confident as everyone believes they are. So if those people can’t always do it, how on earth are YOU going to manage to exude confidence and a cool personality? Simple, you’re going to start right here and learn how to maintain your own “Coolness Chart” complete with pointers that will get you through every day at the top of your game. You’ll learn how to project your positive points to others. You’ll learn how to develop a unique personality that others will be drawn to. And you’ll discover that, even though your personal appearance IS important, it’s not the main factor in affirming your coolness and confidence.

You can download and personalize your own checklist to be cool and confident. This will be your at-a-glance reference for tips, suggestions, and your own notes about the things that work best for you. It’s a good idea to customize the list to fit your own personality, interests, and style, and it’s ALWAYS important to remember to BE YOURSELF! You simply can’t be cool by being someone you’re not!

It can be confusing to keep track of it all while making sure you look your best at all times. To simplify things, you can download a checklist to be cool and confident to grade your cool points. This checklist helps to reinforce your confidence. You can read it on a daily basis when you need a little pick me up or encouragement to let your inner self shine. The checklist can help you maintain your coolness. Take it out before you go to a party or event. Apply some of the tricks on the checklist to ensure your position as a cool guy or girl. You can go to an event confident that you will be able to check off points. When you check off points, your template will automatically tell you about your progress for the day. You can become a cooler version of yourself as the days pass by.

If improving your confidence is a problem, blogs and self-help books can offer additional tricks to help you. However, your cool checklist is a fun and resourceful way to help you keep track of your progress. Each trick or checklist item comes with insight paragraphs to show you how to apply them and why they are important to develop your coolness and confidence. You can figure out what tricks work for you and what tricks should be permanently deleted from your template.


Important Tips on How to Be Cool,

Most importantly, you must always be yourself. You may think that’s the last possible way to be cool, but in fact it’s the ONLY way to be cool and displays a personality that will make people want to be around you. Nobody wants to be around a phony. You will find that there are a lot of others who like the same music, video games, and movies that you do. Just be confident, be real, and give it a chance.

Next, and just as important, you will want to spend some time on your outward appearance. Again, physical appearance isn’t the most important aspect of your personality, but let’s be honest-it DOES play a big part in social relationships of all kinds. Make sure you & your clothing are always clean and fresh. You want to be pleasant to be around.

Try making yourself a chart, a list of pointers that you have tried or want to try and how they work for you. Keep this checklist handy to read over any time you need a refresher or some quick ideas for any situation that may arise. Make notes on your chart about how each pointer has worked for you. Before you know it you’ll have everything committed to memory!

Checklist to Be Cool and Confident,

Checklist to be a cool and confident guy or girl

You have taken a great first step by utilizing the internet, magazines, and books for tips on how to become cool and confident. Now it’s time to put all you’ve learned into practice! Get out there and start enjoying yourself!

This template is constructed from a various personality experts and professional websites that focus on self improvement and how to topics. Wikihow was very instrumental in the development of this template by providing tips. If you are ready to be a cool guy or girl, let’s boost your confidence one check at a time.

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