Business letterhead (Square Design)

The importance of an attractive and eye-catching letterhead is often overlooked in today’s e-mail, text message and social media world. That can be a serious mistake. While those other methods may make potential customers aware of certain business or service, they lack the personal touch.

A letterhead with a professional appearance, such as the letterhead template that can be viewed at below does several positive things, including:

  • It attracts attention consistently through its design and color scheme. It has a professional look, but not as stoic as the letterhead for lawyers or accountants, but colorful and different enough to attract new customers and maintain existing customers.
  • It provides the continuity and assurance that tell customers they are dealing with a real business that has a business address, telephone, fax, email and website address. Thus, the customer has numerous ways of making contact.
  • A letter attracts attention. Through the use of mail merge capabilities, it is easy to personalize each letter that is being sent to a large or small group. Many companies end the personalization at the Dear Mr. X point. The personalization can go further my referencing the date of the last conversation, repeating the person’s name and using whatever data is available for making the reader think that the letter is written to him and not the masses.
  • Finally, the design and the colors, along with the possible use of a logo, the letterhead establishes an identity that will be recognized each time a letter is received. Thus, the attractive letterhead will help ensure a second order or request, if the first contact has been successful.

A successful business has to use multiple methods to reach customers. However, the professional letterhead, with the correct content, provides a needed edge in retaining those customers. Simply stated, a letterhead demonstrates that the identified business provides quality service.


Business letterhead template,

business letterhead template (Square Design)