Business envelope (Vector Line)

When sending any type of mailer or correspondence to potential clients, customers, or even vendors, you want your correspondence to look great down to the last detail. Of course you take the time to customize the content of your correspondence, but what about the envelope?

Using our envelope template for your business is the perfect way to have your mailers and correspondence looking great down to the very last detail.

Template Features

1. Beautifully and professionally designed.

One look at our envelope template and you will realize just how beautiful it truly is. The design both looks great and very professional. This creates the perfect look for all your mailers so your vendors and clients will be impressed.

2. Easily editable and customizable.

In addition to looking great, our envelope template is designed to be easily editable and customizable. Insert your company logo, personal address information and more with just a few clicks. Do you need more customization on the template than what is included? No problem. You can easily add whatever details you need to the template so it will fit your needs and the needs of your business.

3. Compatible with multiple versions of Microsoft Word®.

There are many different versions of Microsoft Word® in use today. That is why we have ensured that our envelope template is compatible with virtually all of the available versions of Microsoft Word® that are in use today.

4. Available for free.

Our Envelope template has been created to help you create the perfect business correspondence that will impress your customers and contacts and has been made available for you and your business completely for free.

When you send out a mailer for your business, you want every detail to look great and professional. Using our envelope template is the perfect way to easily create custom envelopes that are beautifully and professionally designed so you can impress your potential vendors or customers each time you reach out to communicate with them.


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