Printable envelope template (vector graphics)

Are you in charge of mailing things out for your company or business? If so, you are probably looking for an easier way to do things, a way to get this done in a manner that is professional but simple. This printable envelope template can help you do just that.

Created for use with a standard, number 10 envelope, this template is perfect for use in a business. When you need to mail things in a professional and business-like manner, this template can help you prepare the envelope just right.

This colorful template will help you create an envelope that will stand out among all the mail that the receiver gets. With space for your company name and logo, it helps to advertise for you even as it goes through the mail.

The Printable envelope template includes room for the company web address, mailing address, phone number, and fax number, as well as the recipient’s name, address, and mobile number.

If you are looking to mail business documents in a professional manner, this envelope template will help you do just that.


Printable envelope template for Word,

Printable envelope template (vector graphics)

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