Business envelope template (Blue line)

Do you mail things out for your business? Are you the one in charge of sending out invoices or letters to your clients or customers? If so, you can benefit from the use of our business envelope template.

This template works perfect for a standard, number 10 envelope. It helps to make addressing the envelope in a professional manner easy to do.

This business envelope template includes space for your company’s logo in the upper left corner, allowing the receiver to know just what they are receiving. It also includes space for the company name and website. The template then has a “to” section in the center of the envelope, where you can include the information of the receiver. This includes space for name, mobile number, and address.

Through the use of this simple envelope template, anyone can create an envelope that is professional and well done, perfect for the mailing of any type of business documents.


Number 10 Business envelope template with blue line design,

Business Envelope template (Blue line)

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  • Your templates are awesome! The “eyecandy” gets your attention and makes them very professional.

    I would like to see simple bill of sale templates as well as simple living will templates.

    Glenn Parker