Business envelope template (4.14 x 9.5)

There are many reasons your business might have for sending mailers. Whether you are sending mailers to advertise new products and services or notifying your clients or vendors of changes to your policies, your business needs an envelope template to easily create professional looking envelopes for your mailers. Any time you send out information to your vendors or customers, you want all the documents to appear professional. This includes the envelope. Using a free envelope template will help you design great looking envelopes for whatever you are going to mail.

Our envelope template is available completely for free and is designed to work in Microsoft Word® 2007 to 2013 so no matter what version of Office your business may be running you will find our free templates will work for you. The envelope template is designed for standard envelopes that are 4.14″ x 9.5″. This size should be perfect for all standard envelopes and will hold all the documents you need to send.

The template itself is easily customizable so you can modify it to meet your company’s needs quite easily. You can easily make changes to the logo and the return address labels and even the fonts so it meets your company’s standards for color and appearance.

Be sure your company stands out from all the rest in every piece of information you show to your customers and vendors by using this free envelope template for all your mailing needs. Modify it easily to meet your needs and quickly create envelopes for your business whenever you may need them with this free template.


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