Business envelope (Blue design)

Whenever you send out a mailer you want it to stand out among all the other mail your clients and potential customers receive. Designing the perfect envelope for your mailer can be quite difficult and time consuming without a good envelope template.

Using this custom envelope template will allow you to speed up the process and create the perfect looking envelope that will impress your clients and customers.

Features of Envelope Template:

1. Compatible with Microsoft Word® 2007 through World 2013.

Our envelope template is compatible with all of the latest versions of Microsoft Word® so no matter what version you or your business has, our template will work beautifully.

2. Beautifully and professionally designed.

One look at our envelope template and you will see how gorgeous it truly is. You want every aspect of your mailer to look both good and professional and our envelope template will impress all of your customers.

3. Completely customizable for your needs.

No template will work perfectly for everybody’s needs. That is why we have designed our envelope template to be completely customizable. You can easily change the color, add your company logo, change addresses and much more.

4. The template is completely free.

A template with this much flexibility can often cost money to obtain. But, our envelope template is available for you and your business entirely for free.

Creating a great looking envelope template for your business mailers is essential to make the process easier as well as make your mailers look great to everyone that receives them. Our envelope template will allow you to create beautiful and professional looking envelopes in a fraction of the time that will impress your customers. Download our envelope template for free and create the best looking envelopes for your business.


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