Book tracking list

Do you love books? Do you own a collection so large that you often forget what you have and what you don’t have? Would you like to be able to track the books that you own so that you know which ones you still want to purchase, and so that you know what you have when friends want to borrow from you? If any or all of the above are true for you, this book tracking list template is sure to help you out.


Through the use of this book tracking list template, you can keep a very detailed and professional list of all of the books that you own. With space to include the book’s title and author, and so much more, it will keep you in the know about what you own.

This template helps you to find your book in your collection by including space for you to jot down the shelf location. It also allows you to filter your books by author or publisher or any of a number of other filters.

Book tracking list template,

Book tracking list Template


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