Birthday list (Friends & Family)

Do you struggle as you shop for birthday gifts for friends and families? Are you the kind of person who never knows what to buy for whom? Do you find yourself forgetting just when the birthdays of your loved ones actually are? If any or all of the above are true for you, you will find help in this birthday list template.

Through the use of this template, you can add in the names and birth dates of all your loved ones. You can then use the template to filter the birth dates by months and days. You can fill in your gift ideas for each person, so that you don’t forget them when the time comes. You can also include notes, maybe to yourself, or maybe something that you want to remember to write in the birthday card.

This template helps to keep everyone on track when it comes to birthdays. Free to download, this birthday list template can make your life easier.

Birthday list template,


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