Billing Invoice Template (With Tax and Discount)

Collecting payment is one of the most important aspects of all businesses. In order to help ensure your business receives payments that are both accurate and on time, it is important to provide your customers with great looking invoices. Our billing invoice template makes it easy for any business to provide excellent invoices to their customers so they customers know what they are being billed for and why they are being billed and it can help your business receive payments on time.


Our billing invoice template has been designed for small businesses but can easily be adapted to virtually any sized business or individual. The template is clean and simple and looks great on both screen and printed paper. It is easily customized to suit the your needs or the needs of your business.

Billing Invoice Template,



Our billing invoice template is designed in Microsoft Word and has been tested in multiple versions to ensure maximum compatibility. The invoice is designed in a beautiful modern clean gray look that makes it easy to read and beautiful to look at. Virtually every aspect of this template has been designed to be easily customizable so you can modify it to suit your needs. For example, if you prefer colors other than gray you can easily change it with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Two in One:

Our billing invoice template can easily be used by virtually anyone. For example, if you are a freelancer and you charge by the hour for your services, you can simply change the units billed to hours so you can show the exact time being billed to your customers.

Tips to Sending Invoices:

In order to create the best looking invoices for your customers, follow these few simple tips.

  • Fill out the invoice with detailed information so your customer understands exactly what they are being billed and why
  • Include any payment terms and dates when the invoice is due. This will help you receive your payments in a timely manner.
  • Send out all your invoices in a timely manner and keep detailed records about invoices you have sent and received

Using a great looking billing invoice template that allows you to provide detailed invoices that look great and provide all the information your customer needs is a great way to improve your relationships with your customers as well as help you ensure you receive payment for any work you provide. Our billing invoice template is one of the easiest ways for you to create beautiful invoices that will impress your customers.

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