Meeting Minutes Sample (Plain Table Format)

A meeting should always be recorded in some way, shape, or form. A basic Meeting Minutes Sample can help you record things in a professional manner that is easy to read and understand. Meeting minutes sample allows you to list the date and time that the meeting took place. It then includes space for information regarding the call to order and the attendees who were at the meeting.

It includes plenty of space for you to fill in all of the little details of the meeting, all the decisions that took place, etc..

Meeting Minutes Sample in Basic Format,

Basic meeting minutes sample

Tips for using a basic meeting minutes template:

  • In each of the spaces provided for points that were discussed, include as much information as possible about the conversations that took place.
  • Include the date and the time that the meeting took place in the space provided at the top of the page, for record keeping purposes.
  • Print multiple copies of the meeting minutes, and save one of them in by your documents.
  • Before the meeting takes place, be sure you know just what you want to discuss with the attendees.

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