Baby Shower To Do List – Planning the Perfect Shower

Baby shower to do list: Baby shower is actually carried out to help the expectant mother to fell relaxed and ready for the coming baby. This ceremony is for giving the mother-to-be with essential support, advice on what she should and shouldn’t do things during and after her pregnancy. Apart from that, the family members and friends give her presents. In order to do a baby shower, you need to make a baby shower to do list for baby shower party.


To help one select the right moment to do the baby shower. Most of the cultures prefer to celebrate the baby shower during the first trimester of the pregnancy. It is logical that the shower should be held at the time when the woman feels ease; when there are no changes happening in her body, which is towards the final of the pregnancy.

Venue for the baby shower. The best place is at the home of the expectant mother. This is because it is where she can feel relaxed and comfortable, and also to avoid too much traveling which is not good.

The kind of invitation to be made. This is where the committee decides how to inform the visitors of the shower, and by what means, if it is by fax, mail or phone.

Activities to be carried out during the baby shower. This helps one to be prepared so as not to be confused when the big day comes.

The budget estimate. This is to help you have a rough idea of how much it will cost you. If it is a lot, then you will have plenty of time to ask the visitors and friends to help.

The visitors to attend the shower. This is where you get to sit down and think of the people who consider important for this occasion and you will never want them to miss.


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