5+ Appointment Letter Formats & Samples for Word

An appointment letter also known as a job offer should be positive and with clearly laid out agreed upon terms and expectations. You can also use an appointment letter sample to schedule an appointment with prospective employees or clients.


The letter should begin on a positive note and seamlessly move into the terms of the job being given then end by making the employee feel welcomed a company. Comprise the appointment letter on company letterhead in the business block letter writing style. Include a place for the employee to sign and date company use. Avoid negative topics in your letter like grounds for termination, the length of the job, income, and legal matters. Do include details like start date, supervisor, and important company policies.

The business block format has the sender’s address, date, inside address, salutation, the body of the letter, closing, and enclosures. According to Purdue Owl pay attention to the font, left justify, use single-space, and double space between paragraphs. The sender’s address is often included in the business letterhead and not needed twice. The inside address is the employee’s or client’s address and other contact information.

When writing your appointment letter include contact information give detailed information on where to find their supervisor and the supervisor’s contact information, even office numbers; where they should park, or pick up needed company items like keys and security badges. Include your Human Resources department contact information. It is important to overcompensate in this section of the letter, more information in this area is better for the prospective client or new employee. If a specific return date is required, make sure to inform the employee or client in the closing of the letter. Also, do not forget to be genuine and use an excited tone when writing your appointment letter.


Appointment Letter Sample for Employee,

Appointment Letter Sample for Employee

Appointment Letter Sample in Word Format,

Appointment Letter Sample in Word Format

Job Appointment Letter for New Employee,

Job Appointment Letter for New Employee

Job Appointment Letter Sample,

Job Appointment Letter Sample

Meeting Appointment Letter Sample,

Meeting Appointment Letter Sample


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