Advance Payment Invoice Template

There are times when it is helpful for you as a business to receive a payment in advance for the services that you are going to offer. When those times come, an advance payment invoice template can help you get the job done in a simple and professional manner.


This advance payment invoice template was designed to be applicable to all types of businesses and anyone who is looking for a professional way to bill their customers in advance.

Advance Payment Invoice,



This basic invoice was created in Microsoft Word, and it allows you to bill your customers in a simply yet professional way. All you need to do is update the paid % and amounts fields when using it for advance payment.

Themes and Colors:

This template is available in light gray as it is, but you can update the colors and overall look to fit your business’s needs by going to page layout > themes, colors, or fonts.


Special Instructions:

If you would like to add more description rows before the total amounts, you can do this by selecting that number of rows above the subtotal field – for example, if you want to add three more rows, then you can do that by selecting three rows from above the subtotal field – then right click after selecting, and click “insert”.

Tips for using an advance payment invoice template:

  • Always be sure to make your payment policies clear before you start any projects or accept any new customers or clients.
  • Accept as many payment types as you possibly can, allowing your services to be available to a wider range of people.
  • Apply the same payment policies to every customer, even when you are working for friends or family.
  • If a customer offers to pay early, don’t turn them down.

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