Academic Recommendation Letter – 4+ Samples & Printable Formats

This is a special letter written to refer any academic qualified candidate, to get a career job, internship or opportunity where the said qualifications need a backing from an institution or college. This helps in awarding the actual opportunity to the rightful person or candidate. It describes the course one is pursuing or has pursued in reference to the job or internship to be awarded. It covers the unit one has covered, the course one is doing, the awards and various academic qualifications one has achieved. It is a letter that bridges the gap with the qualifier academic status with relation to the area of reference.


Sample Recommendation Letter for a Student

This letter is useful as it describes the qualifications of the students. It is written to help the students be considered in any of the career jobs or opportunities to work. It has the name of the student, the registration/admission number, course pursed and year of graduation. If the student is a continuing one, it is clearly indicated. This letter is important for those seeking transfer, attachment and field research and study. It describes the capabilities of the student and areas he/she can assist for career growth.

Sample Recommendation Letter for a Student 1

This letter can also be an employment refer letter for the specific teacher. It describes the various fields that he/she is best placed. With description of the qualifications, it touches the area one is located the academic/subject awards earned.

If has the name of the teacher, the reference or employment number. It gives the capacity the teacher is and other qualifications attached.

Recommendation Letter for a Teacher

Recommendation Letter for a Teacher 1

This is in specific a teacher to student reference. The teacher knows the specific strength of the students and thus while referring them may consider their career subject, the out class activities like sports, and other qualifications. The discipline and the relationship of the student with others, management is considered to protect the interest of the other parties who may be involved.

Sample Recommendation Letter from a Teacher

Sample Recommendation Letter from a Teacher

This is a letter that the holder need to have it at any given time he/she is looking for a job or an opportunity. It has the name of the employee, pay roll number, the capacity held and the various achievements, target and records kept. It gives a full report of the employee with the relationship between others and the management. If the employee has been promoted in various capacities it is indicated to give credit where it’s due.

Personal Employment Reference Letter

Personal Employment Reference Letter

How to write an academic reference letter for a student?

It starts by identifying the specific student regarding the academic qualifications one has. This letter quotes the units one has covered and the course one has been registered. It also gives a related and attached qualifications and merit. It entails all that concern the academic gives further clarification concerning the academic citing the areas one can be resourceful and helpful.


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