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Lauren Stewart. Owner of Dotxes®

Our goal is to help the public by providing user-friendly, high-quality templates. By doing so, we hope to help people save their time, work quickly and efficiently, and improve word processing and documentation in their education, career, and personal life.

Dotxes – The Answer:

Founded on March 25th, 2014, Dotxes ® exists under the company moniker Phoenix Institutes SPS as a registered and legal taxpayer under CA law.

Our organization’s aim is to provide quality document templates, and Microsoft® Word is the most popular software for document processing—thus, the name “Dotxes,” which is derived from the Microsoft® Word template file extension “.dotx”.

Contact Dotxes ®:

We are always available to answer queries related to Dotxes ®. To choose the appropriate method of contact, please read the details below:

  • Email us at [support (at) dotxes.com] for any general questions and support.
  • Use our Request a Template form to submit a request for a new template.
  • Use our Help Us form to submit any suggestions to improve Dotxes ®. Our templates are designed by a variety of different authors, and though each is placed through a rigorous review, the large number of template submissions means a bug can slip through the cracks. Please use our “Help Us” forum if you find any errors in any template’s functionality or description.

Mailing Address:

Phoenix Institutes SPS
652 O’Connor Drive
Kingston, ON K7P, Canada

Please use our “Contact Us” email address and details (listed above) for general queries. Only use this address to send us documents discussed during previous email communications, please.

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