5+ Resignation Letter Templates to Write a Professional Letter

When you decide to leave the company, you are with it is proper protocol to leave a written resignation. While giving your current employer a heads up with this resignation letter template you can also use it as a way to build a relationship and maybe even hold a spot for future hiring.


Always make sure you leave on a positive note. It doesn’t matter what has transpired, it is up to you to leave showing class. It could turn around and pay you big benefit as far as needing a reference or seeing into the future for job possibilities. There could even be a start-up company in your future and you could use that company as a recommendation. Just don’t burn all your bridges at once. Save some for later.

There are always companies on line that can help you with writing one of these letters. Just in case you are not in tune with letter writing and need some sprucing up. Just go to resignation letter template and see what you can find. Remember that it should be rewritten in your own words so you won’t be plagiarizing and get in any trouble. You should be able to find more than one letter about resigning from a company.

Decide before you write the letter if you are going to give a notice or if you have a contract you will need to let them know how you will be ending the contract. Your work history and work ethics can follow you all your life so do the right thing when you leave. You never know what you might need to dig up to help you in your next decision in life. Sometimes things look brighter on the other side of the fence and then they turn out not to be. If you leave with a positive attitude and correct protocol, then maybe if you had to you could go back.


Formal Resignation Letter Template,

Formal Resignation Letter Template

Formal Resignation Letter With 2 Weeks Notice,

Formal Resignation Letter With 2 Weeks Notice

Resignation Letter Template 1 Month Notice,

Resignation Letter Template 1 Month Notice

Resignation Letter Template for Word,

Resignation Letter Template for Word

Simple Letter of Resignation,

Simple Letter of Resignation


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