Memorandum of Understanding Template

When two partners join together, it is important to know just what is included in the relationship, and that is where a memorandum of understanding template comes in. With the help of this template, you can create a professional memorandum of understanding all on your own.


This MOU template includes sample text, so that you get an idea of what you should be including in your memorandum. The template is easy for anyone to customize and use.

Memorandum of Understanding,

Memorandum of Understanding template form

Tips for using a memorandum of understanding template:

  • Make sure both partners sign the form at the bottom of the page, so that their agreement is in writing.
  • Always fill in as much information on the document as you possibly can, to keep confusion from happening.
  • Include the contact information of both partners in the space provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Decide beforehand, prior to starting the document, what this memorandum of understanding is going to be all about.

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  1. kaylene wilson says:

    Simple, easy to understand, very clear

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    it was quite straight forward and obvious as to what I needed to fill in.

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    This looks a simple but serious document. Easy to adopt. Actually very user friendly.

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    It has everything I needed to draw up a memorandum of understanding with my partners. Thank you!!!

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    First of all it helped in completing my work easily, secondly it was free.
    Thirdly your site is awsome!!!

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    Made it extremely easy to hit all the needed points in the absence of a template from my company.

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    Looks good

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    excellent – easy to download and fill in – saved me a great deal of time trying to construct the right template!

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    Excellent product. Precised and excessive. Thanks alot

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    Well designed, simple, and easy to use!

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    easy accessible to maintain breach of trust.

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    Excellent! for my plan to tie-up a project with my colleague…Thanks

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    Short to the point, well layout and simple enough for a lay person to understand.

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    Comprehensive, at the point. <3

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    Simple and to the point

  22. Sisanda Yako says:

    That a lawyer is not required to draft it, it is DIY based!

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    very simple, but gives all the necessary inclusions

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    Well designed and very informative

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    Liked the Organization and simplicity of the template

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