Medical contact list template (For Word)

When you leave your child with another loved one or a babysitter, it is important that the responsible adult knows just who to contact in case of a medical issue. With the help of our template, you can create a medical contact list that provides all of the information needed.


Colorful and easy to read, this medical contact list template makes it simple and doable to ensure that your child is properly cared for. Designed in Microsoft Word®, this template is easy for anyone to use and customize.

The simple table format of this template creates a medical contact list that is easy to use in the case of an emergency. Free to download and printer friendly, this template is a smart choice for all parents. If you are going to leave your children with another caretaker, take the time to fill out this medical contact list, first. You won’t regret it.

Medical contact list template,

Printable medical contact list template

3 comments on «Medical contact list template (For Word)»

  1. joanne blair says:

    What do I like best? THE COLORS!!

  2. Elizabeth Feugate says:

    Perfect layout, perfect space, colors help differentiate providers. Thank you!

  3. Jennifer Reed says:

    I LOVED that it was so colorful and so easily adjustable and editable for my needs. Will be back and will be donating in the future!

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